Saturday, August 8, 2009

Trip 4 Citico Wilderness

March 2002 Trip 4
Trails: Pine Ridge/Hemlock Grove/Fodderstack/Bob Bald/Fodderstack/North Fork/Camp 7/North Fork(red highlights are overnight spots).

The First Bob

The First Michigan Cranbrook Crew

DAY ONE On this trip I parked again at Warden's Field and strapped on my heavy North Face pack and headed up the Pine Ridge trail to the Fodderstack ridge trail where I walked over to the Hemlock Grove tentsite near Glenn Gap(above).

DAY TWO The next day I continued my hike up the Fodderstack south and got up to the Bob Bald Tee(a split in the trail)and turned left off the Fodderstack and onto the half mile Bob trail to the beautiful grassy green 5,240 foot tentsite of Bob Bald(above). Here begins a long relationship with the Bob and the sidetrails off the Bob leading into the North Carolina side of the Kilmer valley and the Slickrock wilderness.

DAY THREE I leave the Bob and go down the Fodderstack to Cherry Log Gap and descended the North Fork where I camped at my usual place, Camp 7.

DAY FOUR I continued down the North Fork and headed out to home. But before then I meet the Michigan Cranbrook School crew at the North Fork footbridge for the first time, a lively bunch of high schools kids and their leaders on their 35th annual 10 day backpacking trip into the Citico/Slickrock wilderness.

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