Friday, January 30, 2009

1990: Excerpts From The Tipi Journal

"Some friends and kids came up to the lodge in a nighthike with lights and I gave one of the kids my old famous Ben Pearson bow and some arrows with the quiver. We had a great night though the stove needs desperately to be replaced or repaired, probably dismantled and fixed, but it will never be airtight. We came to get Pisgah gear--backpack, tent and stove--as we had a trip planned with Johnny B and others."

"It's another day at the lodge after humping up a chainsaw and doing some major trail work with it, cutting the big fallen tree which crossed the trail. Up top I resumed, working on the downed oak as there is a lot of wood in it."

"Autumn comes and with it the wind and dead or dying leaves. I'm up at the tipi site on a gorgeous ZAP! A BAT JUST FLEW IN AND ALL AROUND AND ZOOMED ME REPEATEDLY AS I HUGGED THE FLOOR AND THEN I JUMPED OUT THE DOOR TO LET IT EXPLORE THE PLACE IN ITS WILD FLIGHT AND THEN TO FIND THE DOOR AND FLEE!!" (It swirled around liked water down a drain and when it reached the door it was gone).

"I gathered my first ever living tipi pole today and debarked it with a drawknife. All of this comes after a 72 hour rainfest. I spent two great days filled with hiking these trails and making new ones and gathering new poles. My left hand is torn and sore after using it to hold the machete which I used to do all of the hard work. The thumb is almost paralyzed with a few rips and the typical ache from a deeply buried Hawthorn tree thorn. Now as I sit in the warm lodge I listen to the loud gusts of this fearsome ridge wind and wonder, what's next?"

"It snowed last night and dipped from 60 degrees to 20, which is the usual cold snap and it is only going to get colder. I would say it is around 15 and falling and I do feel the cold, especially on my knees which are low to the ground. Since all this seems to be happening I installed an ozan, the first time ever. It's like a inside ceiling tarp."

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