Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Willow The Motorcycle Mama

In 1985 I met Willow and we did several trips on my 1970 model BMW. I first met her in '85 and shared several backpacking trips over the year with her to many different places: Pisgah Upper Creek, #9 Tipi, Horn Hill, AT, Raider Camp, Lost Valley, the Sky Ranch Camps, and Bald River wilderness. She even lived alone in the #9 Tipi for several months. In 2006 she thruhiked the Appalachian Trail(read her trip on Trail Journals.com)and I joined her around Fontana and Cheoah Bald for a few days. In 2007 Johnny B, Willow and I did a trip into the Bald River wilderness and it was good to get the old Pisgah hands back together.

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