Friday, January 30, 2009

1991: Excerpts From The Trail Journal

FOTOG: Johnny B visits the lodge for an overnight visit and brings his best friend, Kudra Dog.

"I arrive here at the lodge after following the other trail from DK's side up the draw hollow, across the creek and up to the pine forest, across the cliffs and up the gradual inclined ridge finger to the very top of Chickweed Ridge. From there I walked downhill across the razorback ridge to the tipi, coming out at the fallen oak tree bridge."

"Last night I walked up from the DK's in 9 degrees and I knew the walk back would be a tough nut so at 12:30 I took off and was sweating like a pig upon arrival here at the tipi. When I got here it was zero degrees, the coldest temp recorded here in almost 4 years. Now, the next day, I sit inside on this very clear opal day and the temp has risen to 22 degrees and it is balmy, the tipi is in need of a thorough cleaning but it won't happen until some warmer weather comes."

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