Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Pack That Started It All

Here's the pack that got me out for real and kept me out for good. It's an old North Face BackMagic external frame load-hauler that I purchased from Footsloggers in Boone, NC back in 1980 and has been overhauled several times with new zippers and shoulder straps. I used this pack for 23 years on a near constant basis and it was my beast of burden when I lived up on the Tipi ridge, a place that could only be reached on a steep one mile switchbacked trail.
It was this pack that took me to thousands of campsites in five states, including the Sierra Nevadas, along Lake Michigan, thru Virginia in the Shenandoah and Grayson Highlands, and for thousands of bag nights thruout North Carolina and Tennessee. All Hail therefore the Humble Pack.

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