Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The First Tipi Woodstove

As soon as I finished building the first Tipi(and living in my tent during the process), I found this old woodstove in a trash heap and with a little help carried it all the way up to the ridge. It had no sides and the top was off, but with a couple of 8-inch galvanized stovepipes cut and spread out for the sides, and with enough stove cement, I was able to get this baby to hold a fire, at least for a few hours. It kept me warm for many winter nights until I found something much better a few years later.

The most important configuration for me was to have the stovepipe exit out thru a double wide door, partially blocked for the pipe hole. This worked great and kept the top of the Tipi capped off and leakproof, so there was no hole above me. I had a bit of creosote problems but this was due mostly to the old rotted wood I was burning. I used a simple swinging door opening outward and closing securely on a piece of flat door wood. Home sweet home.

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