Sunday, February 8, 2009

1994: The Trail To The Tipi

"Tundra tarmac with snow lizards snapping at white flakes, they only come out in subzero conditions to feed; can't be trapped though who would want to? Ya don't see 'em until winter when the wind calls them from their holes. I now sit in my lodge at 16 degrees with the woodstove starting to crank and eating tofu while drinking a ginger ale. There's been alot of beautiful weather of late, my favorite stuff is low temps with subzero arctic wetdreams minus 14 degrees. I love to see commerce and highways shut down Yippee! Ugh, it looks like it is gonna warm up again. But lately there's been alot of snow and alot of single digit medulla twisters and pineal squirts. What more could I want? The wilderness lives on this ridge during blizzards, for sure."
"Winter ain't over yet but what we've had has been pretty neat. January had 13 days with 20 degrees or below and two days of minus 1 and one day of minus 14. We've had 9 snows so far and there are more to come I am sure. It has been a strong winter and I seem to enjoy it."
"I am attempting to repair my 4th Thermarest as we speak, a never-ending quest. I should just torch the @#E@#$ but nothing even comes close to its efficiency and comfort. Someone must've come in while I was sleeping and punched about 70 small holes in it. Pretty soon I'll be carrying the equivalent of 30 tubes of glue with me along with the pad, that is how much junk I've smeared on it not to mention the extra weight of urine stains and other effluents, etc. It all adds up."
"A wind storm graced the lodge, snapped guy wires and flag poles, turned over a wind retaining wall for Odin's sake, squirted juice outta my pineal gland onto my medulla. Midnight repairs and rodent-like beady eyes surveyed the damage, no sweat, just another winter night at the tipi."

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