Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tipi Beadwork And Buckskin Bags

I started making little buckskin bags after I discovered the German hides and how wonderful they were to work with. Then I came up with a modified sort of 'moccasin toe' style lazy-stitch beadwork patterns and applied them onto the front flaps of the bags. I found many of the designs in a beading book I had and applied them onto the bags using whatever colors I thought would work.
I found a good source of seed beads apart from the Crazy Crow catalog thru the Bovis Bead Company and they had many different types of my favorite "greasy" style beads. I used the greasy blues and whites and yellows and even some greens, to good effect. The middle bag shows off the greasy blues and the bottom bag uses a sort of Crow pink in greasy hue.

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