Monday, February 16, 2009

Bald River In Flood Stage: Before And After

The top fotog shows Little Mitten sitting on a rock along the calm waters of the Bald River at the Cascade overlook. I am standing on the rock outcrop and taking her picture. The bottom picture shows the same exact place but in high water, terribly high water. The big flat rock by her head is visible in the lower shot. It was taken on Trip 40 in November 2004 during a 5 day solo backpacking trek where I got caught in a long deluge. I was actually camped about 3 miles upstream before this foto was taken and had to cross it on the Brookshire trail in a near-death traverse. I barely made it across. All this will come later in my trip reports and in this blog.


Billy Clark said...

Hey Walter, I met you up at Hangover with my church youth group. Look forward to you updating your March backpacking trip on either your blog or your trailjournal site.

Tipi Walter said...

Hey Billy,
It was great running into you and Chad and the others up top on the high ground. I'm in the process of typing up my trip report on Trail Journals and will eventually get it and the photos online. You had a happy bunch of people and we took some good group shots. Thanks for checking in--