Monday, February 9, 2009

A Backpacking Trip To Grayson Highlands

A friend and I go to Virginia and spend several days backpacking at one of the most beautiful(and cold)areas in the southeast, Wilburn Ridge and the Grayson Highlands state park.
We get on the AT and use it to get us to other trails so we can do a big loop back to the car. Along the way we pass by a wild pony at one of the AT shelters and he wants the apple I'm eating, in fact, he bites me on the right butt cheeck out of frustration. I guess he was tired of begging.
The top foto shows my friend Good Heart standing on the pink granite rocks of Wilburn Ridge, a favorite mystical place. I first came to Graysons back in the early 1980s with Greg Vizzi and we spent several days hiking the area. On that trip I drank tainted cow water and ended up puking all night outside my tent on some cold and windswept bald.

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