Sunday, February 15, 2009

Little Mitten At The Tipi

Before I left Boone to go to Little Mitten's, I stopped at the Mast Store and picked up this big 7x9 yellow dome tent made by Iron Mountain. When Little Mitten and I returned to the tipi for a visit, we used this tent and set it up right next to the lodge. This tent would become my new home along Chickasaw Creek on Little Mitten's two acres in Tennessee, at least until I built something better.
During our North Carolina visit, we took a long dayhike along the ridge spine and ended up on a high cow pasture looking out towards Stone Mountain and the TN state line(the far ridge in the background). With us is a stray dog we took in and raised and named Little Cujo. Note also the dual homemade and painted hiking sticks, a leftover from my tipi days.

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