Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Larger Beaded Bag

This intricate loom design came from several picture sources which I graphed onto bead paper and then added a flying eagle and put a pipe in his talons. To me it shows the holy earth mother protecting her children and welcoming the eagle nation down with the sacred pipe. The background is a rare silver-metal lined greasy white bead I found at a powwow vendor's stand and bought up just enough to finish this piece. It was done on a wide loom and is different than the usual lazy stitch, the loom offering a bit more detail.


mark said...

Greetings, you mentioned on a forum about making a sweat lodge. Do you construct one when backpacking, and if so what materials do you take? I would love to incorporate a sweat lodge into our backcountry time, near a cool lake to jump in afterward!

thanks, clint

Tipi Walter said...

Hey Mark--
I've built and used many sweatlodges over the years while out on backpacking trips and usually would have some cordage and a bowsaw and some extra tarps to make it easier.

One time I had nothing extra except a tent fly to pull over 3 poles tied together using some dental floss, but it was big enough for a tight sweat. And yes, there's always a cold creek nearby to jump in afterwards.