Monday, February 16, 2009

A Series Of Tennessee Dayhikes

In 2001 Little Mitten and I did a series of exploratory dayhikes in the Cherokee National Forest and thru the Citico and Bald River Wilderness areas. This photo shows a knackered Blade and Little Mitten near the top of the steep North Fork Citico trail.

These two fotogs show us along the rock banks of the North Fork Citico trail as it winds up to Cherry Log Gap and a climb of nearly 3000 feet. The North Fork trail is a wet one, with 9 major crossings and about 12 smaller ones.

This fotog shows Mitten on the Rocky Flats trail in the Citico near the chimney homestead site and depicts how big the old chestnut trees must've been in their glory days before logging and the blight.

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